Mega Pier II Update

Published on January 25, 2017

Construction of a second Mega Pier, is on schedule

WILLEMSTAD – The project of the Curaçao Ports Authority N.V. (CPA), construction of a second Mega Pier, is on schedule. Several ships will moor in the harbor of Curaçao during the months of January and February to deliver special equipment and material for the construction of the new Mega Pier which will be ready in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The tug ‘Marlin’, equipped with cranes, departed from the port of IJmuiden in the Netherlands on the 12th of December last year and arrived in Curaçao on the 19th of January this year. The special concrete needed for the construction of the Mega Pier is being produced in the Netherlands and will be delivered during the month of February 2017.

Currently pipes to support the pier are being produced in China. The first batch of 50 pipes will be shipped from China before January 20, 2017. The pipes are about 50 meters long and more than 1.3 meters wide. Once arrived in Curaçao, the preparation will take about 2 to 3 weeks before can be started with the placement of the tubes in the bottom of the sea.

The Minister of Economic Development unfortunately could not be present during the arrival of ‘Marlin’ for he is on a mission out of the country at the moment. He expressed his gratitude although following the developments on a distance. The pictures give us an impression of the production process of the pipes in China and of tug ‘Marlin’ during her arrival at the port of Curacao, under guidance and assistance of the Curaçao tugboat company KTK.