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The Ports of Curaçao

The Ports of Curaçao offer a wide range of berthing options, facilities and maritime services for among others cruise and passenger arrivals, cargo shipments and crude distribution.

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Cruise Development

The Rif Seaport Curaçao development is dedicated to providing the best experience for the local community and cruise visitors from arrival to departure.

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Commercial Development

The development of the St. Anna Bay will expand on the downtown experience with a mix of residential, commercial and entertainment areas along both sides of the canal.

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Online survey

The Curaçao Ports Authority has revamped its website with a fresh new look. Our main goal is to provide an enjoyable browsing experience of the many maritime services and facilities, the professional port partners, the port authority and our rich history. We would appreciate your feedback, please take a minute for the following 6-question survey.

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Latest news


    Renovation Emma Bridge to start after Cruise Season

    Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) started with repairs to the wooden top deck of the Queen Emma Bridge at the beginning of this year. Read more »

    CPA starts Project Waaigat

    Waaigat is an inland waterway connected to St. Annabaai, with a great potential for further tourism development because of its unique location in Punda. Read more »

    CPA repairing the L.B. Smith Bridge

    The bridge heads of the L.B. Smith Bridge have been damaged and the bridge had to be closed temporarily for the safety of the pedestrians. Read more »

    CPA announces renovation of pier Klein Curaçao

    Soon Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) will start with the project “Renovation Pier Klein Curaçao.” Read more »

    Curaçao Ports Authority organized Ebola information session...

    CPA organized an informative session to prepare and inform the organizations active in the harbor about the latest developments regarding the Ebola virus. Read more »