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The Ports of Curaçao

The Ports of Curaçao offer a wide range of berthing options, facilities and maritime services for among others cruise and passenger arrivals, cargo shipments and crude distribution.

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Cruise Development

The Rif Seaport Curaçao development is dedicated to providing the best experience for the local community and cruise visitors from arrival to departure.

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Commercial Development

The development of the St. Anna Bay will expand on the downtown experience with a mix of residential, commercial and entertainment areas along both sides of the canal.

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Online survey

The Curaçao Ports Authority has revamped its website with a fresh new look. Our main goal is to provide an enjoyable browsing experience of the many maritime services and facilities, the professional port partners, the port authority and our rich history. We would appreciate your feedback, please take a minute for the following 6-question survey.

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Latest news


    CPA signs Sister Port Agreement with the Port of Miami-Dade

    “This Sister Port Agreement contributes to the strategic formula towards the continued development of the ports of Curacao,” said de Castro. Read more »

    Emma Bridge back in service

    The Queen Emma Bridge was back in service on March 31, 2015, after being out for repairs a little over two weeks. Read more »

    Emma Bridge temporarily out of service for repair work

    Curaҫao Ports Authority (CPA) will take the Queen Emma Bridge out of service today for 2 to 3 weeks for repairs. Read more »

    New pension plan agreement for KTK employees

    After almost three years of negotiations, KTK's employees signed a new pension plan agreement with the company's management. Read more »

    Curaҫao Ports Authority unveils St. Anna Bay and Waaigat de...

    While CPA managed the ports in a safe and efficient way the last 10 to 15 years, the focus over the next 5 years will be on development. Read more »